I’m a Nerd and Here’s Why

Why a Nerd?

Firstly, for whatever reason, I feel it’s important to share why I picked “nerd”, rather than “dork” or “geek”. I also considered the tag “gamer”, but found that to be too narrow. However odd it may seem, I’ve been trying to decide on this for a while, which has postponed my starting this account. Finally, after some less than in-depth searching, Google provided me the answer, and I want to provide it to you.


This may be my most favorite Venn Diagram in the world. After some thought, I determined that I have not one, not two, but all three of these main properties which therefore classify me as a “nerd”.

Here’s why:

Social ineptitude.

Anyone who knows me in real life would probably think this is inaccurate. Those who know me more closely would likely disagree. While on the surface I put out quite the “social butterfly” attitude, I find that in many cases, I would much rather sit at home, alone, with my cats and a good book (or in many cases, a video game). Thus, due to my natural avoidance of social interactions, I do believe I have a certain degree of social ineptitude.


This one is easy. I consider myself to be something of a fangirl in certain fanbases. Thus, while I may be a closet fangirl in real life, I am indeed one that might be classified as an “obsessor” (which is probably not a real word, the internet and my spell check seem at odds on that one).


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do consider myself at least marginally intelligent. That would certainly explain why I went to college and enjoyedlearning things. Unlike certain young adults who attend college for the sake of partying.


I am indeed a nerd (at least according to the given diagram), and chose my tagline thusly (also, thusly is not a word, according to my spell check, but I like the sound of it, so I’ll be using it regardless).




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