Internet Explorer Has a New Anime Heroine

Who would’ve guessed? Unfortunately for IE, I still prefer my current browser. Now I want to see Firefox and Chrome respond. This could be an epic anime.

Mark Blackmon

Microsoft’s new anime ad is the latest creative response to one of the biggest marketing challenges in tech: rebranding Internet Explorer.

The browser, often the butt of jokes among would-be technorati despite its overwhelming global popularity, is presented as a bulwark against all kinds of Internet bad guys. You don’t need a degree in English Lit to grasp the symbolism here as the young heroine grabs a shield with a monogrammed “I” and is transformed into a warrior. The protagonist is, in fact, Inori Aizawa, the “official mascot of the Internet Explorer,” according to her Facebook Page.

via Internet Explorer Has a New Anime Heroine.| Mashable

Oh, my God — are you freakin’ kidding me with this? Thank you, Todd Wasserman, for bringing this insane video to my attention. This just goes to prove that money does not equal marketing savvy.

If you really wanted to do something about…

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