Well, I’d like to start with a brief introduction, that maybe in the future someone might care about.

For a long time, I’ve wished to write a legitimate blog. By legitimate, I mean something that I actually stick to over the course of an extended period of time. Somewhere, in the depths of the internet, exists various “blogs” I began. Through LiveJournal, through Tumblr, and possibly others that I don’t remember. Several of which I tried multiple times.

So here I am, on what I consider to be one of the most “legit” sources of blogs, hoping that I will find the motivation and the inspiration to actually follow through with a blog.

The point of a blog, and much entertainment in general, is to indeed offer something to the reader that she would not find somewhere else. Whether or not I can do that is yet to be determined. But I am certainly going to try. In the midst of trying to be genuinely entertaining to other people, this blog is going to be extremely self serving, in the sense that this will be accomplishing something I have wished to do for a long time.

If I manage to pull it off, maybe certain dreams that are yet to be disclosed may indeed come true. We shall see. In the meantime, here is a quote to start us off, which offers me a certain amount of inspiration for doing this in the first place.

“Hurtled into chaos, you fight, and the world will shake before you.”

-Flemeth, Dragon Age II


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