Female Gamers

Yesterday I was doing some research because I had recently become acutely aware of the fact that there were no Pro League of Legends players which were female. None. Whatsoever. I came across an article, which you can find here:


Some of the key points that most stood out to me include:

1) “Statistical studies on Chess have shown that the gulf between men and women comes almost entirely from the much smaller pool of female players, not an inherent skill gap.”

2) “Society criticizes them [women] for being competitive.”

3) “A guy who wants to win at all costs is competitive; a woman who wants to win at all costs is ‘a bitch’.”

These I find to be extremely important points. Many assume that women are worse at games, which, in a person’s personal experience may indeed be the case, but this is most likely due to the fact that they have only experienced a very small percentage of female gamers. Society has a lot to do with these stereotypes being further propagated as well. Even people I am close friends with, who have known me to be a gamer most my life, often treat me poorly in regards to games simply because they are male and I am female (even my boyfriend jokes about it on occasion).

I don’t want to over summarize, because I think the author of this article puts it all very nicely, and I think it’s worth the read. 

My question would be, how do you feel about female gamers? If you’re a male, do you recognize these stereotypes? Do you promote them, or avoid them? As a female, do you find it discouraging when you encounter these situations? How do you react?



5 thoughts on “Female Gamers

  1. Roxanne says:

    Perhaps that is why I always stick to single player games, the “competitive” world is to male dominate…

    Plus I’d rather play against people I know then complete strangers with these kinds of stereotypes.

    • azuresky1329 says:

      Which is a perfectly suitable choice for a person. I know I generally have more fun when I play with friends even when I do play multiplayer games like LoL. Personally, I enjoy playing League enough, and get yelled at enough for other reasons than being a girl, that I don’t mind.

  2. gaminggirlz says:

    There was a Team in League of legends and it was called Team Siren but they disbanded. Some girls play in the competitive scene but the fact is that it is a male dominated scene.

    • azuresky1329 says:

      Yes, I heard about Team Siren and was thoroughly disappointed to learn the results of their efforts. While I think the theory behind creating the team was a good one, it obviously was not executed well. Honestly though, I don’t think it’s necessary to have a “female only” team, but I would love to see some female gamers, because I know there are competitive female gamers, make it to the big leagues. It’s certainly going to take a while, but I think we’ll get there someday.

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