Anna and Toby: An Inspirational Comic

Edit: I wanted to give the original author better credit , so here’s a fresh link, where you can find a continued story of Anna and Toby:

Anna & Toby

The feeling of being unwanted, unloved, and alone is a prevalent one in our culture these days. I myself have these feelings often, and it leads me down a path I like to refer to as “doom spiraling”. This comic, which I found trough Facebook, is one that I really appreciate, because even though I often feel despair, I am more of the opinion that young Anna has, that life is precious, and that it is important to cherish it, and help it survive through each and every moment that we encounter. So please, click the link, read the whole comic, and feel free to comment what you think!


2 thoughts on “Anna and Toby: An Inspirational Comic

  1. Roxanne says:

    It is a nice, heartwarming comic. Dies a nice twist and changes roles as a male suicidal person seems rarely touched… but that may be related to guys must be tough emotionless beings, which is completely false.

  2. Totally Joe Foye (except it's Ian G. G.) says:

    But we really are all emotionless automatons seeking nothing more than occasional drunken procreation to fulfill our biological destiny. Beep Boop. As evidence I submit all of Jersey Shore.

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