Final Fantasy X – A Love That Knows No Bounds


I think that I can say, without hesitation, that the tenth installment of the Final Fantasy series is by far my favorite FF, as well as my favorite game of all time. I have started the game from scratch at least three times, if not more, and have spent well over a 100 hours playing this game alone.

Now, one may ask why this is my favorite game. I say this because I have encountered too many people who really disliked this particular Final Fantasy. This may be because X was a really big jump, and had many changes, from the previous games. Or possibly for various other reasons, I’ve heard of some who simply don’t like the characters, storyline, whatever. To each his own.

Anyway, here are the reasons why I adore Final Fantasy X:

  • At the time of its release, FFX had graphics that blew your mind. The design seemed very streamlined, and overall it was a huge jump from the previous games. Even now, I find myself impressed by the CGI cut scenes.(Photo courtesy of Dorkly, )Image
  • While this is something others likely won’t experience, a huge reason why this games stands out so strongly to me, is that it was my first Final Fantasy game, other than Tactics, which is a completely different kind of game. Being my first, this is the installment that got me into the series in the first place. If it weren’t for this game, I may never have played any of the Final Fantasies, nor found myself loving RPGs as much as I would.
  • The Hymn of the Fayth. As a whole, the FFX album doesn’t necessarily impress me any more than other Final Fantasies. The Hymm, however, quickly became one of my favorite things to listen to. I loved the variations on the theme as you progressed through the game, and I loved the solemnity of the theme, and how it always gave me chills when I listened to it. That being said, I guess I should point out that To Zanarkand is also one of my all time favorite songs, which I use to lull myself to sleep each night. Suteki Da Ne is another big favorite.
  • Mini-games. Blitzball. Blitzball is both the most irritating and most satisfying mini-game I have played in a Final Fantasy game. While the first game, which is required to play in the storyline, is hugely frustrating, subsequent games which you may or may not choose to play can become hugely gratifying in the long run. The satisfaction of making the Besaid Aurochs the best team in the league, and laughing maniacally each time I beat the Luca Goers, has been the reason I most recently have spent so much time on Blitzball.


  • The battle system. I absolutely love this particular battle system, much more than any Final Fantasy Game I have yet to encounter. Not dealing with the ATB gauge and having the opportunity to strategize as I played out a battle meant a lot to me. This may be due to my love for the SRPG FF Tactics, which was a game I had played much of before this one, and learned that slowly making your choices was the best , and only, strategy. Adjusting to the various other battle systems has never been particularly enjoyable for me.
  • The characters. Auron. While I care for nearly every “main” character of FFX for one reason or another, Auron holds a special place in my heart. He is by far my favorite character in this game, for various reasons, but the main  reason being how downright cool he is.


So, those are my top reasons for why I love this game. Do you have any deeply ingrained emotions towards this installment? Is there a different Final Fantasy that you love like I do this one? Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X – A Love That Knows No Bounds

  1. Totally Joe Foye (except it's Ian G. G.) says:

    A few things from me.
    1) I’m confused by this sentence “While I nearly every “main” character of FFX, Auron holds a special place in my heart.” Love them? Like them? Write lewd fanfics about them?

    2) While I, too, enjoyed FFX, FFX-2 has to be addressed in the same breath. Due to FFX-2, I have a bizarre medley of emotions about this installment. FFX was serious, even the light-hearted moments were underscored by the nostalgic retelling of our downtrodden narrator. Other than FFVI, I think this game had the darkest mood of the FFs. Then FFX-2 came along and broke a few rules. It was the first direct sequel to a FF title, and it had basically nothing in common with its predecessor. It was an oddball mixture of fan service, strange Japanese humor, and happy-go-luckiness-to-the-point-of-brain-damage. Yet, it still retained the darkly moody narrative style. I’m not saying this ruins FFX, I’m saying it complicates the issue.

    3) I love-hated the mechanics of this game. I’m not sure how else to describe it. One thing that really bothered me was you need to use items in order to level up your stats/abilities/etc. For most of the game it’s not an issue, but it really bugs me, and often necessitated backtracking, which meant getting an extra dozen S. levels (or more).

    4) FFIX is my favorite, and will continue to be so. FFVI is the close second. FFVII is a distant third. FFX competes with FFVIII for fourth. I’m not putting down your choice, I’m just saying that while it’s a fine game, within the same franchise I’ve found titles I much prefer. FFX had a good story, but there were weak points (messily handled time travel, a mechancially poor level-up system that was kind of a placeholder/stepping stone to later systems (like FFXII), Extreme Japaneseness, etc.).

    Basically, I agree with pretty much everything you said, but even so I still find games like FFIX (which had a much more traditional/polished set of mechanics and an (in my opinion) equally good, or better, story) coming out ahead, by my metric.

    • azuresky1329 says:

      Before I respond thoughtfully, I will say this: whoops! Thanks for catching my typo! It is now fixed, and what I meant to say was along the lines of “I love them all, but…”

    • azuresky1329 says:

      NOW as for the rest of your points. FFX-2 is a difficult thing for me to analyze, because, unfortunately, I liked it. Maybe because I’m a girl and I liked playing dress-up, maybe because I loved FFX so much that I was willing to overlook how terrible X-2 was, or maybe for some other unknown reason. Honestly? I know it was not a very good game, and it was kind of a kick in the face to what FFX was, but I couldn’t help but be happy to play more of the same universe. Guilty to a fault, am I.
      I think the leveling system may indeed be the downfall of the game. I played it enough that I got fairly used to it, and like I said, I’d never played any other FFs so I had nothing to compare it to. I was surprised to see that they used a similar element in FFXII.
      I can’t disagree with most of what you have said, there are certainly various issues with X, it’s got plenty of problems and is by no means the best game I have ever played, even within the Final Fantasy series, but it still manages to be my favorite, as well as the game that I have likely spent the most hours on. :)

  2. Roxanne says:

    Auron, nuff said.

    Although I was getting good at blitzball back when I was helping my parents get all the ultimate weapons

    • azuresky1329 says:

      Hahaha. That’s all I’m doing right now, is getting extras (like weapons) and playing Blitzball. I feel kinda bad though, because I seem to have completely out scaled all the other teams in levels. Nobody can stop me now!

  3. hablepwn says:

    I have put nearly 1,000 hours in to this game. By far my favorite game of all time <3

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