All Talk and no Follow-up Makes Jill a Bad Blogger (or) Adulthood isn’t Easy


I said when I started this blog that I wouldn’t do what I always do, which is quit before I barely get started. Then I did it anyway. I fell off the wagon, in a manner of speaking. Not that I should equate blogging to an addiction or anything.

So anyway. What happened? I was doing so well! I’ll tell you. When I first started the blog not so long ago I was in between jobs and therefore unemployed. Shortly after I got a job offer and have been working full time ever since.

Now, being a recent college graduate I am still rather unaccustomed to working forty hour weeks. While I have a really great schedule (seriously guys, working for a bank is bomb), I have found myself to be pretty thoroughly exhausted since starting the new job. You may be surprised by that, thinking that I have a fairly cushy career. While I may do a lot less physical work than my previous job at the convenience store, I find myself much more emotionally drained than before. What does this mean? It means that by the time I get home, I want tho do nothing but play the video games rather than write things about them.

That being said, once I got a comment saying “what happened to these”, I thought maybe I should kick my butt in gear and try and get back in the game (thanks Ian). Here’s to a great new year!


2 thoughts on “All Talk and no Follow-up Makes Jill a Bad Blogger (or) Adulthood isn’t Easy

  1. Ian G. G. says:

    I would have simply blamed the holiday season, but regardless of the precise reasoning, I’m glad to have you back. I don’t read many blogs, and I’m thoroughly annoyed when they don’t appease my thirst for exported brain cells.

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