A Mile in Your Fur: Part 2

My name is Shadow. I am a cat.

Master is calling. She is my favorite. I run to her when she calls. If I am quick she praises me. Sometimes I get treats. Always I get pats.

I hear a noise. Is that a bug? Chase the bug. What’s that?! A shadow?! Chase the shadow. What’s that?! Chase!!  Oh, that’s my tail.

I see the Small One. Let’s wrestle! Pounce! She growls. Why are you growling? Don’t you want to play? Play! Wrestle! What’s that?! Mouse toy!!

I hear a noise. What’s that?! Scary! Run away! Oh, it’s just the door. Oh it’s Large Human. Hello Large Human! Pet me. Don’t pet me. Pet me. Don’t pet me. Pet me. Oooh, a toy!

Master is in the food room. She puts something on the floor. I smell it. Hmm. Doesn’t look like my food. Doesn’t smell like my food. Small One eats it. I walk away. Bug! Chase! Oh, just a shadow.

I sit in my seat to take a break. This is my favorite spot.  Large Human rocks the seat.  Play?! Flip! Play with mouse! Chase tail! I love this seat.

Scary Cat hisses at me. I got too close. Play? She bats her paw at me. I bat back. No play. Master calls. Run! Treats! Master!

Master lays in bed. I lay next to Master. This is my pillow. This is my favorite spot. Master nuzzles me and pets me and hugs me. I love this spot. I love Master.

My name is Shadow. I am a cat.


Shadow is a lot simpler. All he knows is love, play, and occasionally terror when something makes an unexpected loud noise. He is my derpy cat and I love him dearly, even if he sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat.


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