I Don’t Like “People”

I’ve been waiting fo someone to write about this.

Wandering Thoughts

(You, on the other hand, are awesome.)

I enjoy a good rant every now and then, but I’m going to try to keep this very civil, polite, and light-hearted.  I’m going to start with a simple fact.  People are exceptionally stupid.  Yes, this is the most civil way to express the painful degree of willful ignorance and the general auto-lobotomistic tendencies of the masses.  This came up recently because I have access to the internet, and so do people, but I’m going to be more specific and provide a few examples in response to a pretty tame and pleasant advertisement for Coca-Cola (you can watch it here).

I really don’t like to pay attention to these sorts of feces-flinging protozoa, as it generally just feeds their shallow pleasure in being observed.  So please note I can’t describe my level of disinterest in these people.  My concern is that they…

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