Portable Pressing

I am excited to say that I am typing this post on my new keyboard for my fairly new Samsung tablet. I look forward to being able to start Word Pressing again on a portable venue. As I type this I am able to review it quite properly. It seems that this particular keyboard, at least on this App, is seeing some disconnect. If I stop typing for more than half a second, then it “disconnects” the keyboard and I have to tap the screen a few times in order to reconnect and start typing again. So, it seems, think fast, type fast is the theme of the day!

I’m definitely liking the ease of having an actual keyboard over the touchscreen keyboard. It feels a bit better and is a bit more cohesive, and avoids blocking out half the screen while you are typing. It will take some time to get used to this “micro” keyboard, after using a full sized keyboard on my laptop for so long. My fingers seem to be quickly adjusting to the change though. Even the “disconnect” issue that I am having between the keyboard and the WordPress App is becomming less of a hassle (annoying, to be sure, but easily dealt with considering the other pros of the keyboard).

While I will definitely be holding onto my previous Tablet case, simply to have something more lightweight for when I don’t need the keyboard, I am truly excited to be able to type with ease on my tablet!

Here is a link to the keyboard I purchased!



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