Dreaming of You: Journal Two

Just last night I had a dream that I feel warrants a blog. It is very short, and very simple, but somehow both hilarious and intriguing. I don’t remember much of what surrounded the particular moment. Either I had just fallen back to sleep or I simply can’t remember the rest. Here is what occurred:

Set in my parent’s home in my long-time bedroom, myself and a man entered. I closed the door behind us to offer some privacy and then the two of us kissed and had a brief conversation.

The conversation, however, was cut short by my mother thrusting the door open and saying, “keep the door open.”

It’s been a long-standing rule ever since I was young that boys are generally not allowed in my room and¬†definitely¬†not with the door closed.

Even in my dreams I can’t escape the rules.


Dreaming of You: Journal One

After my recent post regarding dreams, it was suggested to me that I keep a log of/blog about my dreams. I assumed this would be difficult. I’ve attempted to keep dream journals in the past to no avail. The issue being that waking up enough after a dream to write it down is not often an appealing concept.

That being said, upon waking this morning I knew I had had a strange dream, but couldn’t quite recall what it was. I decided not to worry about it too much and went about my day. As I stood, groggy in front of the mirror brushing my hair, pieces of the dream returned to me.

Per usual, I don’t recall much about the premise of the dream or why any particular scenario might be occurring (is there ever truly a reason in dream land?). What I do know is that it was set in my childhood home. More specifically, it was set in the bathroom of my childhood home.

What truly strikes me odd, however, is not the location. Instead it is the fact that I now recall a prior dream being set in the same location, and that in both occurrences there was no light on in the room. Why is it, I wonder, that I am having dreams of a light-less version of my old bathroom?

While I don’t remember much besides the location of the prior dream, this one turned into one of those embarrassing “caught without clothes” dreams, in which a friend I know from my college town walked in on me preparing to take a shower and nonchalantly ignored (and possibly smirked at?) the fact that I was without clothes while I yelled at him and tried to cover up.

That’s about all I can pinpoint, though I recall there being more to said dream.

Strange indeed.