A Mile in Your Fur: Part 2

My name is Shadow. I am a cat.

Master is calling. She is my favorite. I run to her when she calls. If I am quick she praises me. Sometimes I get treats. Always I get pats.

I hear a noise. Is that a bug? Chase the bug. What’s that?! A shadow?! Chase the shadow. What’s that?! Chase!!  Oh, that’s my tail.

I see the Small One. Let’s wrestle! Pounce! She growls. Why are you growling? Don’t you want to play? Play! Wrestle! What’s that?! Mouse toy!!

I hear a noise. What’s that?! Scary! Run away! Oh, it’s just the door. Oh it’s Large Human. Hello Large Human! Pet me. Don’t pet me. Pet me. Don’t pet me. Pet me. Oooh, a toy!

Master is in the food room. She puts something on the floor. I smell it. Hmm. Doesn’t look like my food. Doesn’t smell like my food. Small One eats it. I walk away. Bug! Chase! Oh, just a shadow.

I sit in my seat to take a break. This is my favorite spot.  Large Human rocks the seat.  Play?! Flip! Play with mouse! Chase tail! I love this seat.

Scary Cat hisses at me. I got too close. Play? She bats her paw at me. I bat back. No play. Master calls. Run! Treats! Master!

Master lays in bed. I lay next to Master. This is my pillow. This is my favorite spot. Master nuzzles me and pets me and hugs me. I love this spot. I love Master.

My name is Shadow. I am a cat.


Shadow is a lot simpler. All he knows is love, play, and occasionally terror when something makes an unexpected loud noise. He is my derpy cat and I love him dearly, even if he sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat.


Weekly Challenge: A Mile in your Fur

Inspired by WP “Leave Your Shoes at the Door” Weekly Challenge and the novel “I am a Cat” by Soseki Natsume.

They call me Sophie. I am a cat.

My life could not get any worse. The fool will not leave me alone and the old maid keeps glaring at me when I get too close to her. The Matron Human has been working in the basement all day and shut me out after I asked for a simple back scratch. Why does she hate me? My human has left again and I am worried she will not come back. If she doesn’t come back, who will put food in my bowl?

The fool is pouncing on me again. I don’t want to wrestle, fool! I was enjoying my nap. Ignore him and maybe he’ll stop. Ignore… ignore… igno-CHASE.  WHY DO YOU KEEP BOTHERING ME.

Oh, this isn’t so bad it feels somewhat nice to run. I think I’ll take a few laps. I am so fast. No one one is faster, not even the fool and definitely not the old maid. She never runs. I bet it would be good for her to- MOUSE. This is my favorite toy mouse. I hide my toys so the humans can’t take them and the fool won’t play with them. They are my toys.

The big human is home. My human calls him “Papa”. I like this human because he gives me treats. My favorite is something he keeps calling “jerky”. It comes in several flavors. Sometimes it is spicy. Other times it is mild. I like both. Give me more, human. Where is the rest? This meager piece won’t keep me satisfied. What do you mean, no?

….Fine. I will go to my spot on the rocking chair and you are not allowed to pet me. This hurts you more than it hurts me. I know how badly you want to pet me. I don’t- wait I hear a noise. Is that a car outside? Is it her? I wonder if- OH. I hear the door. I run towards the door and climb the kitchen chair. I am ready. My human enters. I am the first to receive a pat. HA. Silly fool. You cannot surpass me. Human Lady loves ME most. Now I shall go away and allow you to have pats. See how giving I am?

Human Lady has sat down. She has some plastic thing in her hands and is staring at the box with pictures. This is the perfect time for sits. Love me Human Lady. Pet me. Pay attention to me. Good. Good…. why did you stop? I get up and walk away. She hates me.

It is dark out and Human Lady is calling. What’s that noise? That sounds like treats! It smells like treats! Milk treats! And look, a fresh bowl of water! And now she is pouring food into my bowl! I’m so glad human lady came home. She must love me so much.

Wait, why are you closing the door? NO. I thought we discussed this?! We are NOT to shut me in here! NO. Human Lady turns off the light and gets into her bed. I am once again locked in this horrid room with that fool. I slink under the bed. She will receive no cuddles from me. That will be her punishment. I’ll show her.

The sun is up. Human Lady is waking up. She opens the door. I’m free! Thank you, thank you! Matron Human gives me breakfast of warm, soft, yummy food. This is the best. Human Lady gives me pats and scratches. The old maid is sleeping and the fool is busy. I get to explore the basement. Today is a good day.

They call me Sophie. I am a cat.

My life could not get any better.


Photo: Shadow/”the fool” (left) and Sophie (right)

The “old maid” refers to the cat I grew up with and the Matron and Papa are of course my mother and father (yes, I live with my parents like a real, broke college graduate, thank you for asking).

This has been a Mile in Sophie’s “Shoes”.